Certified Industrial Control System Security Analyst (CICSSA)

This training expose participants with skills in Industrial Control System (ICS) Security. Participants will be able to apply the concepts of ICS Cybersecurity and provide technical instruction on the protection of ICS using offensive and defensive methods. Participants will be able to recognize how cyber-attacks are launched, why they work, how to perform ICS security assessment and mitigation strategies to increase the cybersecurity posture of their control system networks.


  1. To identify security vulnerabilities of ICS and their exposures to cyber threats
  2. To perform reconnaissance and information gathering on ICS sites
  3. Define ICS security assessment scope and activities
  4. Conduct ICS security assessment using the appropriate methods and tools
  5. Identify various strategies to defend an ICS network
  6. Apply the knowledge of ICS security governance

ICS practitioner and IT practitioner who works in ICS field.

Module 1: Introduction to ICS

  1. Industrial Control System Overview
  2. ICS Components & Data Flow
  3. ICS Architecture Overview
  4. Common ICS Ports and Protocols
Module 2: ICS Security
  1. Cyber Security and ICS
  2. Case Study
  3. ICS Security Trends
  4. ICS Vulnerability Database
  5. Conference, Training and Certification, News and Blogs
  6. Security Assessment
Module 3: ICS Security Assessment
  1. Basic ICS Security Assessment Methodology
  2. Hands- On and Lab Assessment
Module 4: ICS Security Governance
  1. Defense- in-Depth
  2. Security Documents
  3. Incident Handling
  4. Incident Mitigation

The CICSSA examination is certified by the Global ACE Certification. The examination framework is designed to align with a set of relevant Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) that are necessary for a Secure Application Professional. Candidates will be tested via a combination of either continual assessment (CA), multiple choice (MC), theory/underpinning knowledge assessment (UK), practical assessment (PA), assignments (AS) and case studies (CS) as required.

Candidates can take the examination at authorized examination centres in participating member countries. Candidates who have successfully passed the CICSSA examination will be eligible to apply as an associate or professional member by fulfilling the membership criteria defined under the Global ACE Certification.

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  • 28 February/ 1-2 March 2023
  • 14 - 16 August 2023
  • 7 - 9 November 2023
*dates are tentative, unless specified


Training Fee: MYR3,780.00
Exam Fee: MYR1,255.80

(subject to 6% SST)

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18 CPD Point

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