Network Security Assessment

Attackers often take advantage of vulnerabilities in routers, wireless access point, firewalls, DNS, web and database servers, and other systems to gain access to the internal network of organization. Therefore, organization must secure their network infrastructure to mitigate risk from within and outside the network by conducting network security assessment.


  1. Understand the methodology and components in building secured network architecture
  2. Learn network data flow
  3. Identify industry best practices on secured network architecture
  4. Understand the methodology used in conducting network security assessment and wireless network security
  5. Identify common vulnerabilities found under network infrastructure and ways to mitigate these vulnerabilities.
  6. Identify hands-on network security assessment using mostly open source distributions tools


  1. Management, Administrator, IT Security personnel who are in charge of security in their organization
  2. Related personnel or individuals who are interested to understand and learn with technical hands-on about network security assessment

Security Posture Assessment

  1. Introduction to Network Security
  2. Overview of Network Security Assessment Methodologies
  3. Vulnerability Investigation and Exploitation
  4. Common Vulnerabilities Found in Network Infrastructure and Mitigation
  5. Hands-on Activity
Wireshark Introduction
  1. Introduction to Wireshark
  2. Wireshark Functions
  3. Wireshark GUI
  4. Packet Capture
  1. Exploitation Fundamentals
  2. Client-Side Exploits
  3. Service-Side Exploits
  4. Local Exploits
  5. Attacks and Defenses
  6. Exploiting System
  7. Password Attacks
Wireless Network Assessment
  1. Introduction
  2. Information Gathering
    • Active/Passive Scanning
    • Wardriving
  3. Penetration Testing
    Encryption Cracking
  4. Vulnerabilities Testing
    • Attacks Execution
    • Sniffing
  5. Data/Traffics Analyzing
    Packets Analyzing

En. Muhammad Arman Bin Selamat
Malaysian Vulnerability Assessment Centre (MyVAC)

Muhammad Arman Bin Selamat is an information security analyst with extensive experiences in Web Application, Network and Computer Security. He has worked with various public and private sector as IT Executive and then served with CyberSecurity Malaysia as an IT Analyst since March 2008.

He has strong technical background and is good team player. He is highly motivated and has excellent analytical, decision making and problem-solving skills. He possesses expertise in programming using ASP, PHP, VB6 & VB.NET. He has an expertise on Web Application Security, Network Security and Host Security.

He also developed and delivered training for a wide range of government bodies and organizations to meet client needs. Through CyberSecurity Malaysia he hopes to support organizations in securing their network to achieve confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA).


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