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Cyber security is critical in the success of Industry Revolution 4.0 which is driven by people, process and technology. Shortage of cyber security professionals worldwide is one of the main challenges to increase effectiveness in cyber security initiatives.

With the Global ACE Certification, more knowledge workers can be certified, while through the Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), they can be further equipped with effective hands-on capabilities.

One of the methods to address this shortage is to align both the Global ACE Certification and the TVET, developing more personnel to be effective professionals with multiple skillsets who are capable of providing optimal cyber security solutions.

CyberSecurity Malaysia together with the Department of Skills Development Malaysia (JPK) and the Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT) have initiated a project to integrate the Global ACE Certification and TVET training into a maiden project known as the Cyber Security Modular Professional Certifications through the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS).


  • Produce cyber security professionals with multiple skill sets to address the industry needs and support the government's TVET initiatives;
  • Enhance cyber security professionals' capabilities in mitigating cyber threats;
  • Provide a fast-track pathway to obtain the Malaysian Skills Advanced Diploma (DLKM) under the Malaysia Act 652; and
  • Create a common platform of cyber security capacity building and lifelong learning.


  • Equip yourself with multiple cyber security domain skill sets to address the industry needs;
  • Certify your professional competencies through the Global ACE Certification;
  • Obtain your Malaysian Skills Advanced Diploma (DLKM);
  • Accelerate your career growth in cyber security; and
  • Increase your marketability.


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