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This course introduces to the Information Security Management System structure and explores the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013. It will assist participants with the implementation of Information Security Management System within the organization.

This programme is offered by Nexagate Sdn Bhd in collaboration with CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Fee: MYR3,100.00 | Duration: 3-days | Next Session: 5 - 7 April 2021

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Today, 60% of the world’s populations are already having Internet access. The Internet has become an integral part of our life – whether we are doing business online, social communications or recreation. Unfortunately, the Internet has also frequently used by Hackers for corporate espionage, fraud, ransom and even cyber warfare.

The security of the Internet, Cyber Security has now emerge to be one of the most demanding industry of the century.

During this training, you will get to learn about the latest online Cyber Attacks, including fraud, scams and ransom against businesses, learn how to identity early signs of an online business fraud, and most importantly, how to pass the Cyber defensive strategies your learn to everyone across the enterprise, and protect your business from Cyber Attacks.

This programme is offered by LGMS / LE Global Services Sdn Bhd in collaboration with CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Fee: MYR700.00 | Duration: 3-hours

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This training prepares members of the board and other senior management of an organization to understand, assess and take a proactive posture in cyber security. Along the way, members of the board will be introduced with Live Hacking demos to all the latest threats including Mobile Hacking, WhatsApp based attacks, Web Application compromise, File-less Malwares, Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats, Business Email Compromise, and Social Engineering that can decimate an organization.

Dig deeper with Use Cases of Latest Attacks including SingHealth, Equifax, British Airways, Schneider Electric and many more.

Understand why Cyber Security is a Board level problem and how to Mitigate and Manage it and what are the roles of the CxO & board members during pre-breach , breach, and post-breach scenarios.

Also, learn the way to move forward Mitigating & Managing Cyber Security with Cyber Risk management and governance framework and Cyber Insurance.

This programme is offered by Cybertronium Sdn Bhd in collaboration with CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Fee: MYR600.00 | Duration: 3-hours | Next Session: 2 December 2020

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With all the news stories about hackers, botnets, and breaches involving personal information, it's easy for the security message to sound over-used and tired. It's easy for people to say, "It won't happen here." Yet, studies and surveys repeatedly show that: the human factor (what employees do or don't do) is the biggest threat to information systems and assets. Until we address the human issue, technology alone cannot secure your organization. Humans will remain as the weakest link in the Security Chain.

This High-impact security awareness training addresses these issues. It ensures that your users are aware that they are a target; it motivates and changes behavior by teaching them how to use technology securely and ensures your organization remains compliant. In addition, by teaching your users the indicators of compromise and how to report incidents, you go beyond just prevention and begin developing human sensors, creating a far more resilient organization.

This training is an INTERACTIVE story board with 100% LIVE HACKING Demo based workshop for All users who use Internet, Computer, Mobile Phones, and Social Media. NO Technical Jargons – Suitable for ALL.

This programme is offered by Cybertronium Sdn Bhd in collaboration with CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Fee: MYR300.00 | Duration: 3-hours

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